Dai Bacc

How to Play

  • Make a traditional banker or player hand. Make optional Tiger 7, Ox 6, and Kill Bonus bets.
  • Dealer will deal player and banker hands and hit according to traditional Baccarat hitting rules. Whichever hand ends up being closer to 9 following Baccarat counting rules wins, and the bet is paid even money.
  • When the banker wins with a three-card 7, the banker pushes.



Tiger 7 | Wins 40-1 when the banker hand has a three-card total of 7 and wins.
Ox 6 | Wins 40-1 when the player has a three-card 6 total and wins.
Kill Bonus | Two ways to win 30-1!

  1. When the Tiger Bonus bet loses with a three-card banker 7
  2. When the Ox Bonus bet loses with a three-card player 6


All side bets lose in a tie except the Kill bet, which wins in these scenarios:

  • Both player and banker hands tie with three-card totals of 6 -or- 7
  • The player’s three-card 6 ties the banker’s two-card 6
  • The player’s two-card 7 ties the banker’s three-card 7


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