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Russell Dickerson with Hailey Whitters

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When it all goes right, an artist’s third album is something special. The point where inspiration meets empowerment, everything comes together, and a creative revelation is born. And for Triple Tigers Records country star Russell Dickerson, that is absolutely the case. Marking the follow up to a series of hits, each one burning with the intensity of a romantic blowtorch, Dickerson’s self-titled LP3 takes that same heat and lights bold new fires, all over his life. Soul-mate symphonies wrapped in epic country devotion. Rural R&B bangers with all the swagger of a free spirit, plus the steady hand of a family man. And stadium sized small-town anthems, built on forever-young thrills yet tempered by the wisdom of time. It’s the work of a superstar on the rise who’s already been rewarded for opening up his soul, and is now giving fans the full picture.

“After finally having some success, there’s a pressure for sure,” Dickerson admits. “But there’s also a new freedom, too. I trust my instincts, and now my instincts are telling me to just to be 100-percent me, and creatively just let it flow.” A Tennessee native from a musical family, those instincts have always guided the singer-songwriter – all the way from church choir to coffee-house gigs and eventually Music Row itself. But following his gut wasn’t always so cut and dried. Taught piano early on, he took up drums in high school and formed his first band, trading athletic promise for the rush of the stage and growing into an intoxicating performer. A dynamic front man who lifts crowds up on his own wild-eyed energy, with a near superhuman ability to translate fluttering hearts into musical notation, Dickerson grew up in the shadow of Music City, a kid who counted himself a student of the ‘90s and 2000s country giants. And yet, it took forgetting everything he knew to find success.

“I told myself ‘I’m just gonna keep going,” Dickerson explains. “‘I’m gonna keep driving my run down SUV all across America playing for 25 people and 250 bucks a night, until something happens.” Something did happen, of course, but not the way he expected. Dropping the idea he could figure out what fans wanted, Dickerson instead embraced what he liked, and 2015’s “Yours” was the result. A total surrender to true love that is now a 3X-Platinum Number One, “Yours” was a creative breakthrough, a torrential downpour of devotion followed by three more Platinum chart toppers in the same vivid, personal vein – “Blue Tacoma,” “Every Little Thing” and “Love You Like I Used To.” Dropping two albums – Yours and Southern Symphony – streaming numbers soon hit 2.2 billion and led to tours with Thomas Rhett, Lady A, Kane Brown, and more, plus a reputation as one of country’s hottest new talents. And crucially, it sparked a whole new confidence.

Dickerson’s third album finds him doubling down on love songs with uncommon romantic depth, building whole galaxies of awestruck wonder around a single moment spent loving his wife. But he’s also become a father, welcoming the birth of son Remington in 2020. And like all of us, he’s come to appreciate friendship and connection more than ever.  “No matter how far we get into this, I want people to know it’s still me. It’s still RD,” he says. “I’m still the hyper, outgoing, fun-loving, crazy dude on stage. But also these songs are so meaningful to me. It’s not all hype and smoke and lights. I am a songwriter, and no matter where country music goes, I’m not chasing anything except Russell Dickerson.”