EZ Baccarat

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In Baccarat, two hands of cards are dealt (the banker’s and the player’s hands), and you wager on which hand will have the closest point total to 9.

A version of Commission Free baccarat. The game play is identical to standard baccarat, with two exceptions:

  • Banker bets push if the banker hand wins with a three card total of 7.
  • Winning banker bets are not charged commission.

Make a standard baccarat wager on player or banker. Make the optional Fortune 7 and One Up wagers by betting in the marked area.

The Fortune 7 bet pays if the banker wins with a three-card total of 7. The One Up bet pays if the player hand wins by a 1-point margin. See layout for odds.

EZ Baccarat® is played the same way as traditional baccarat. EZ Baccarat eliminates the 5% commission after every winning Bank hand without modifying any of the existing drawing rules of the standard game.

Instead of taking a commission when the Bank wins with a total of 7 consisting of 3 cards – the Bank hand is a “push” or “barred.” The Player hand and Tie bets lose, as normal.

The Banker wins with a 3-card total of 7 (called Dragon 7); and optional bets made on this winning outcome are paid 40 to 1. The Banker side is a “Push”. All other bets lose.

The Player wins with a 3-card total of 8 (called Panda 8); and optional bets made on this winning outcome are paid 25 to 1. The Player side is paid even money. All other bets lose.